Social Media


Social Media is an important part of branding, but it is also deceptively time-consuming. Good social media presence requires regular and consistent publishing, however finding and/or creating relevant content, writing headlines, and interacting with followers can take hours of work. Luckily, TouchPoint’s social media team can streamline the process. Our social media team is equipped to provide many useful social media services, such as:

  • Curated Content Sharing – finding relevant third-party content, writing appropriate headlines, and scheduling them for publishing across platforms
  • Visual content creation – production and scheduling of images and gifs
  • Social Media Marketing – creating promotional material and targeting particular audiences across platforms to generate awareness, traffic, or likes/followers.
  • Interaction tracking – many public figures, such as politicians and commentators, receive hurtful or threatening messages from the public through social media. Our team can help filter out nasty comments, log dangerous or threatening interactions, and provide daily/weekly reports featuring the interesting interactions and comments worth replying to.

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