Google Grants


You focus on your cause and we’ll focus on your Google Grants

Our Google Grants service allows non-profits access to the ad grant. The process to setup and maintain an ad grants is extremely confusing and difficult for many, so we’ve simplified the process for all:


Apply for
Ad Grants

We work individually with each Non Profit to craft and submit a perfect Ad Grant application. So fa 100% of our clients have been approved by Google. Learn about Application Process.


While waiting for the approval, we work on the PPC Campaign strategy. We identify campaign themes, key messaging and KPIs. We also set up Google Analytics tracking to measure goal completions.

Draft, approve, launch

We conduct in-depth keywords research, write multiple compiling and copies, specify targeting and biddings strategies utilizing Google best practices. After getting the client's approval, the campaigns will go live.

Measure and Optimize

We continuously oversee, optimize and expand existing campaigns, performance reports, create seasonal campaigns and do other on-demand changes requested by our clients.

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